• Venue

    Peo­ple inter­est­ed in hav­ing a remote access to the con­fer­ence can log in to the address https://utc-fr.zoom.us/j/83790962064

    In the for­est, not far from the impe­r­i­al palace

    About Compiègne

    Com­piègne is a city in the Hauts-de-France region, sit­u­at­ed about 75 km north of Paris. One of the main his­tor­i­cal town of the Picardie, she has been a roy­al and then an impe­r­i­al res­i­dence for centuries. 

    Its palace was one of the favourite res­i­dence of emper­or Napoléon III ; and its for­est is one of the most famous and biggest in France, still shel­ter­ing today some notice­able arche­o­log­i­cal and his­tor­i­cal land­marks, such as the armistice clear­ing where the first world war ended. 

    How to come

    Com­ing to Com­piègne can be done through train, bus or car. 

    By Plane

    The clos­est air­port is Rois­sy-Charles-de-Gaulle. Com­piègne can then be reached by train or taxi (we advise against using bus­es, which is pos­si­ble but very long). By train, you should first get to Paris (using RER B : from Rois­sy-CDG to Paris Gare-du-Nord, about 25 min, for a price around 9€), and then look at the “by train” option. It is also pos­si­ble to each Com­piègne by taxi (usu­al­ly the quick­est but more expen­sive option — around 80 euros). 

    If you land at Orly, first take the Orly­val shut­tle to Antony (10 min, 10,50€), then RER B to Gare du Nord (env­i­ron 30 min). Get­ting there by taxi is pos­si­ble but not advised (takes at least 1 hour and a half, when there is no traf­fic, up to more than 3 hours when traf­fic is intense).

    Final­ly, you can land at Beau­vais air­port, from which get­ting to Comiègne by oth­er ways than car is dif­fi­cult (no bus­es, trains go by Paris and neces­si­tate to go to Beau­vais station).

    By train

    Once you reach Gare du Nord (eas­i­ly acces­si­ble from any of Paris train sta­tion or Paris air­port), you should take a train to Com­piègne, ou to Saint-Quentin makig sure it stops at Com­piègne (from 40 min­utes to 1 hour, depend­ning on the train and its stops). Price is around 15.40€.

    By car

    Main axis is autoroute A1 : from the North of Paris, take Lille direc­tion, exit 9 (“Com­piègne sud”) ; from North of Com­piègne (Lille or Valen­ci­ennes), Paris direc­tion, exit 11 (“Com­piègne nord”). In oth­er cas­es, you can use a GPS. 

    There are of course mul­ti­ple taxi oppor­tu­ni­ties to go from air­ports to Com­piègne. We would how­ev­er recom­mand the fol­low­ing option : 

    Lecomte taxi,, Mail:

    Join the conference

    DA2PL will take place at the Cen­tre d’In­no­va­tion Daniel Thomas of l’U­ni­ver­sité de Tech­nolo­gie de Compiègne.

    The inno­va­tion cen­ter is sit­u­at­ed on the site de Roy­al­lieu, close from the Cen­tre de Recherch­es (and not on the site Ben­jamin Franklin, close to downtown).

    In brief

    The cen­ter of inno­va­tion is a big wood­en build­ing close to the Guy Deniélou round­about. Eas­i­est option to reach it out­side car are the free town bus­es (ligne 5, arrêt Guy Deniélou : the cen­ter is on the same side as the bus stop when com­ing from down­town). The pedes­tri­an gate is nor­mal­ly open dur­ing the day.


    Sev­er­al bus lines allow you to trav­el with­in Com­piègne, and those are free. Main lines deserv­ing the cen­ter are the lines 5 and 3 (the sec­ond requir­ing more time).

    Time tables for the bus­es can be found at this page.


    If the weath­er allows for it, the more enthu­si­asts can join the inno­va­tion cen­ter by walk­ing, for instance by fol­low­ing the Oise riv­er on a pedestrian/bike way (see the map to check the pos­si­ble ways).

    Inno­va­tion cen­ter, street side
    Inno­va­tion cen­ter (reception/main hall)


    The con­fer­ence site is a bit far from the town cen­ter (about 30 min­utes walk). Bus­es line deserv­ing it run till about 20/21h in the evening.

    If you want to have a bit of activ­i­ty in the evening, it is prob­a­bly bet­ter to choose an hotel close to cen­ter town. 

    Center Town hotels


    1 rue Pierre Sauvage
    00 33 8 92 68 31 04
    Dou­ble room: from 49 Euros
    Break­fast: 4,95 Euros


    16 Quai de la République
    00 33 3 44 83 24 40
    Dou­ble room: from 57 Euros
    Break­fast: 8,50 Euros


    3 rue de Har­lay
    00 33 3 44 23 01 50
    Dou­ble room: from 76 Euros
    Break­fast: 8 Euros


    33 cours Guyne­mer
    00 33 3 44 92 26 26
    Dou­ble room: from 80 Euros
    Break­fast: 12 Euros

    T’AIM HOTEL ****

    70A Pont Neuf
    00 33 3 75 46 01 42
    Dou­ble room: from 120 Euros
    Break­fast: 17 Euros

    A few hotels close to the conference venue


    9 rue de Sen­lis
    00 33 3 44 20 10 24
    Dou­ble room: from 100 Euros
    Break­fast: 14 Euros


    18 rue Edouard Bran­ly
    Dou­ble room: from 79 Euros
    Break­fast: 9 Euros
    00 33 3 44 23 16 27