• Venue

    People interested in having a remote access to the conference can log in to the address https://utc-fr.zoom.us/j/83790962064

    In the forest, not far from the imperial palace

    About Compiègne

    Compiègne is a city in the Hauts-de-France region, situated about 75 km north of Paris. One of the main historical town of the Picardie, she has been a royal and then an imperial residence for centuries. 

    Its palace was one of the favourite residence of emperor Napoléon III ; and its forest is one of the most famous and biggest in France, still sheltering today some noticeable archeological and historical landmarks, such as the armistice clearing where the first world war ended. 

    How to come

    Coming to Compiègne can be done through train, bus or car. 

    By Plane

    The closest airport is Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle. Compiègne can then be reached by train or taxi (we advise against using buses, which is possible but very long). By train, you should first get to Paris (using RER B : from Roissy-CDG to Paris Gare-du-Nord, about 25 min, for a price around 9€), and then look at the by train option. It is also possible to each Compiègne by taxi (usually the quickest but more expensive option around 80 euros). 

    If you land at Orly, first take the Orlyval shuttle to Antony (10 min, 10,50€), then RER B to Gare du Nord (environ 30 min). Getting there by taxi is possible but not advised (takes at least 1 hour and a half, when there is no traffic, up to more than 3 hours when traffic is intense).

    Finally, you can land at Beauvais airport, from which getting to Comiègne by other ways than car is difficult (no buses, trains go by Paris and necessitate to go to Beauvais station).

    By train

    Once you reach Gare du Nord (easily accessible from any of Paris train station or Paris airport), you should take a train to Compiègne, ou to Saint-Quentin makig sure it stops at Compiègne (from 40 minutes to 1 hour, dependning on the train and its stops). Price is around 15.40€.

    By car

    Main axis is autoroute A1 : from the North of Paris, take Lille direction, exit 9 (Compiègne sud) ; from North of Compiègne (Lille or Valenciennes), Paris direction, exit 11 (Compiègne nord). In other cases, you can use a GPS. 

    There are of course multiple taxi opportunities to go from airports to Compiègne. We would however recommand the following option : 

    Lecomte taxi,, Mail: taxilecomtecompiegne@gmail.com

    Join the conference

    DA2PL will take place at the Centre d’Innovation Daniel Thomas of l’Université de Technologie de Compiègne.

    The innovation center is situated on the site de Royallieu, close from the Centre de Recherches (and not on the site Benjamin Franklin, close to downtown).

    In brief

    The center of innovation is a big wooden building close to the Guy Deniélou roundabout. Easiest option to reach it outside car are the free town buses (ligne 5, arrêt Guy Deniélou : the center is on the same side as the bus stop when coming from downtown). The pedestrian gate is normally open during the day.


    Several bus lines allow you to travel within Compiègne, and those are free. Main lines deserving the center are the lines 5 and 3 (the second requiring more time).

    Time tables for the buses can be found at this page.


    If the weather allows for it, the more enthusiasts can join the innovation center by walking, for instance by following the Oise river on a pedestrian/bike way (see the map to check the possible ways).

    Innovation center, street side
    Innovation center (reception/main hall)


    The conference site is a bit far from the town center (about 30 minutes walk). Buses line deserving it run till about 20/21h in the evening.

    If you want to have a bit of activity in the evening, it is probably better to choose an hotel close to center town. 

    Center Town hotels


    1 rue Pierre Sauvage
    00 33 8 92 68 31 04
    Double room: from 49 Euros
    Breakfast: 4,95 Euros


    16 Quai de la République
    00 33 3 44 83 24 40
    Double room: from 57 Euros
    Breakfast: 8,50 Euros


    3 rue de Harlay
    00 33 3 44 23 01 50
    Double room: from 76 Euros
    Breakfast: 8 Euros


    33 cours Guynemer
    00 33 3 44 92 26 26
    Double room: from 80 Euros
    Breakfast: 12 Euros

    T’AIM HOTEL ****

    70A Pont Neuf
    00 33 3 75 46 01 42
    Double room: from 120 Euros
    Breakfast: 17 Euros

    A few hotels close to the conference venue


    9 rue de Senlis
    00 33 3 44 20 10 24
    Double room: from 100 Euros
    Breakfast: 14 Euros


    18 rue Edouard Branly
    Double room: from 79 Euros
    Breakfast: 9 Euros
    00 33 3 44 23 16 27